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November 2014

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14 S C H O O L B U S F L E E T • N O V E M B E R 2 0 1 4 Your Safe Seating Specialists Distributors For: E-Z-ON Safety/Max Vests Cam Harnesses BESI Pro Tech III Universal/Moore Vests Over the Shoulder Harnesses Q'STRAINT/SURE-LOK Wheelchair Occupant Restraint Systems SPECIALISTS IN: All Seat Covers and Foam Special Needs Seating 3 Point/Integrated Bus Seats 1.800.543.0575 l 10939B Reed Hartman Hwy. l Cincinnati, OH industry news driver was groomed (the shooter be- friended Poland through striking up conversations with him, offering him vegetables from his garden, and clear- ing his driveway so that Poland could use it to turn the bus around on his route). Moore also went over the 911 call, and stressed that drivers should "understand it does happen and this one did end badly," Rosa added. Moore's seminar covered what he calls "JDLRs" — things that "just don't look right." For example, driv- ers should take note if they spot some- one they have never seen before stand- ing at a bus stop. Additionally, Moore stressed never opening the bus door to a stranger. Moore also covered communication and verbal defection techniques that may prevent a shooting, such as show- ST. LOUIS — Parkway School District bus drivers were recently armed with tools they will hopefully never have to use, as they trained for the frst time on how to deal with an active shooter in- side or near a school bus. Will Rosa, director of transporta- tion at Parkway School District, said that the active shooter training semi- nar was conducted by Gary Moore, a retired Missouri State Highway Pa- trol trooper who works as a safety co- ordinator for the Missouri Center for Education Safety. Moore is slated to conduct a live-action workshop at the National Association for Pupil Trans- portation Summit in Kansas City, Mis- souri, on Nov. 9. Parkway decided to hold active shooter training because Missouri re- cently mandated intruder drills in its schools. In response, Parkway teachers and administrators have been trained by the St. Louis County SWAT team. "It's a new approach to our alert drills, which encompasses what the district calls 'intruder training,'" Rosa explained. "What do you do if you're a teacher in a classroom? The old think- ing [was], run and hide under a desk. We've advanced our thinking [now], with all the things that have happened. It's more options-based now: maybe you do that, or lock the door, or run." The training took place on Aug. 26 and started with Moore reviewing the details of the tragic incident last year in Alabama in which a man shot and killed school bus driver Charles Po- land, then took a boy from the bus and held him hostage in a bunker for six days. Moore talked about how the bus School bus drivers train to deal with active shooters (BY NICOLE SCHLOSSER)

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