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October 2014

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52 S C H O O L B U S F L E E T • O C T O B E R 2 0 1 4 Photo by John Horton THIS JUST IN Breaking news delivered straight to your inbox Sign up at schoolbusf SCHOOL BUS FLEET's Newsline e-newsletter keeps the industry informed on: • Safety issues • New legislation • Success stories • New products ADVERTISERS Reach 22,000+ e-news subscribers with your message. For advertising opportunities, contact: FRANK DI GIACOMO VP, Bus and Rail/Publisher (856) 596-0999 MARK HOLLENBECK Associate Publisher (503) 472-8200 SBF09-0271.14 compared to incandescents, LEDs typ- ically have fewer parts to replace. For example, with Specialty's new roof- mounted LED strobe light, the LED tower and circuit board are replaceable as a single unit. Also, according to the company, the potted circuit board re- quires no maintenance. Another maintenance-related ad- vantage of LEDs, Riesebosch of CRS says, is that they are generally built to a higher level of ingress protection than incandescent bulbs — meaning that the LEDs are less susceptible to the in- trusion of dust. Life-cycle advantage When feets consider the total cost of ownership for their buses, suppli- ers say that LEDs can help reduce that cost by avoiding the direct and indirect costs of frequent incandescent bulb re- placement. "Generally, school bus maintenance managers have conducted their own life-cycle cost analysis that has led them to conclude LED lighting increas- es up-time and reduces cost over the life of the bus," TRP's Puhrmann says. Riccio of SoundOff says that the typ- ical rated life of an LED varies from about 50,000 to 100,000 hours, depend- ing on the manufacturer and the appli- cation type. Weldon's Barnett puts it this way: "When the lamp fxture is engineered properly, LED lighting should last the life of the vehicle." LED LIGHTING UltraLED's new H3X LED takes the place of an H3 halogen bulb, common to school bus eight-way warning lights.

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