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October 2014

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45 O C T O B E R 2 0 1 4 • S C H O O L B U S F L E E T ency of information, he is able to see if their processes are saving even a min- imal amount. "When you're operat- ing 500,000 to 600,000 [miles] on a con- tract, saving 10 cents per mile is huge. … That's a chunk of change," he says. An area of his feet in which Lam- mers noticed a signifcant cost savings was with the type of bus he was operat- ing. The Owatonna feet includes a mix of different makes of large school bus- es. However, Lammers noticed as he did fuel testing that the Thomas Built was the most cost effective. He explains that after extensive testing in the spring of 2013, with the same driver, route and conditions, the Thomas buses had an advantage of three-quarters of a mile per gallon, which he said makes them the better choice for replacing older ve- hicles. With 20,000 miles run per bus per year, the difference is substantial. Plus, Lammers says, Owatonna Bus Co. has excellent Thomas Built sup- port within Minnesota. He has several Thomas/Freightliner-trained mechan- ics who were familiar with the multi- plex wiring when it was launched, so the transition was simple. Lammers says, "Though I hate to have all my eggs in one basket, I think once we started seeing the numbers and fuel mileage and the ease of maintenance, [Thomas Built] was the way to go." Owatonna's future The company is currently working toward a comprehensive Enterprise system for ManagerPlus. While Lam- mers is an advocate of the software, each location terminal operates inde- pendently of the others, making it im- possible to access all bus records si- multaneously. As it is, Lammers has to travel to each location to verify the information is being entered correctly. Owatonna Bus Co. has been able to cut down on paper fow with ManagerPlus, which tracks fuel, mileage and inventory, and can schedule preventive maintenance. Are You Transporting Unwanted Passengers? WHY USE THREAD WITH ANTIMICROBIAL PROTECTION? Many end-use applications that are sewn can harbor microbes such as odor and stain causing bacteria. Bacteria can grow in the crevices of these products especially in the seam itself. We have partnered with Microban© Technology to provide a product that inhibits the growth of micro organisms that can lead to early product failure. Guardian thread helps prevent product deterioration, because products stay cleaner, fresher and degrade much less rapidly. These benefts make it perfect for many diferent applications in transportation. This thread technology creates a defense system in sewn products at the seam, where products are vulnerable to microbes. MICROBAN is a registered trademark of Microban Products Company. 800-543-8222

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