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October 2014

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44 S C H O O L B U S F L E E T • O C T O B E R 2 0 1 4 Numbers don't lie With all of these system measure- ments in place, Lammers is able to be exact in measuring his TCO, which is the best system usage of all. "I can look at a group of buses that are the same year, make and model, and I can tell you exactly what our TCO for each one is," he says. With this transpar- tonna Bus Co. has been on for near- ly 20 years. In that time, the software has enabled Lammers and his team to streamline their processes, allowing them to focus their energies on the bottom line. The frst thing ManagerPlus allows for is each technician to log his own maintenance at every facility Owa- tonna has. Lammers once had to en- ter all the data into a single terminal by hand, from work orders that were printed. Now, with three terminals in the Owatonna location for four techni- cians, each technician is able to create his own preventive maintenance work orders in the system, cutting down on paper usage. "Every bus that's brought in is logged right away, and the system tells us which service it's ready for. All I do is make sure the info and the data is correct," Lammers explains. The other main feature Owatonna uses ManagerPlus for is fuel tracking. The company uses an independent fuel software that is tied to its fueling sites. Each major location has onsite fu- eling. When a bus is fueled, the com- pany knows who fueled it, what time, the mileage and the amount of fuel the driver took. That information is then exported and uploaded into Manager- Plus every two to three days. Lam- mers has the pumps checked every six months to ensure preciseness, which is, in turn, how ManagerPlus knows when to schedule preventive mainte- nance for the vehicles. Plus, this is an- other area in which the company has cut down on paper fow. On top of fuel and labor, Owatonna Bus Co. uses ManagerPlus for track- ing inventory. Lammers says that me- chanics can create a purchase order for a part. With the system, he can see which bus these parts went to. "We can track our usage," he explains. "If I want to know how many oil flters we use in a month or six months be- cause a vendor is having a sale, I can order those parts accordingly with just a couple keystrokes." PROFILE With the transparency of information provided by ManagerPlus software, Greg Lammers, the feet manager for Owatonna Bus Co., can quickly determine the TCO for each of the feet's buses, and whether the shop's proce- dures are saving money.

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