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October 2014

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contents contents 4 S C H O O L B U S F L E E T • O C T O B E R 2 0 1 4 27 SBF's 2014 Top 100 District Fleets This section includes our annual survey of the 100 largest school district feets in the U.S., additional data on the feets and recent developments related to several of the operations. By Thomas McMahon, Executive Editor 43 Owatonna Bus Co. Shares TCO Secrets Greg Lammers, Owatonna Bus Co.'s feet manager, attributes his success to a dependable software man- agement system and effcient procedures, which keep his total cost of ownership at a minimum. By Kelsey Nolan, Editorial Assistant 48 School Bus LED Benefts Increase as Costs Decrease The price gap between LEDs and incandescent lights has gotten smaller in recent years. With their longer life, higher light output and lower maintenance, LEDs are delivering a great return on investment for school bus operations. By Thomas McMahon, Executive Editor 14 Extracurricular Bus Service Provides Safe Access to Learning, Experiences Keeping students safe, simplifying coordination, and equitability are just some of the benefts that run- ning school bus service for extracurricular student activities offers. Strapped districts keep costs down through partnerships and being creative with their feets. By Nicole Schlosser, Managing Editor 20 Driver Agility Testing: Variations and Applications Nationwide Where and how agility testing requirements become part of the hiring process varies across the U.S. Here, we take a look at different ways agility tests are used, check in with states using a mandated, formalized test, and report on additional developments in agility test considerations. By Lisa J. Hudson 20 43 cover features On the cover: Greg Lammers, feet manager for Owatonna (Minn.) Bus Co. Photo courtesy of Thomas Built Buses. departments Product Highlights 62 Classifeds 65 Editor's Note 68 School bus driver's smile went a long way Feedback 6 News Alert 8 National stop-arm survey counts 76K violations Industry News 11 NAPT News & Views 54 Seat belts on buses? You decide Business Watch 56 Advertiser Index 58 People 61 October 2014 Vol. 60 No. 9

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