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October 2014

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35 O C T O B E R 2 0 1 4 • S C H O O L B U S F L E E T Increase in severe driver shortages One-fourth (25%) of Top 100 school districts that flled out an extended survey said that they have a severe school bus driver shortage. Last year, only 13% reported a severe shortage. Average starting driver pay Bought new buses this year? More than half have unionized drivers More than four-ffths (81%) of the districts surveyed purchased new school buses for the 2014-15 school year. Among the Top 100 school districts that flled out the extended survey, the average starting pay for school bus drivers is $14.21 per hour. The responses ranged from $10.80 to $19.46 per hour. The average annual salary of the Top 100 directors of transportation who responded is $103,373. More than half (58%) of respondents said that their school bus drivers belong to a labor union. $103,373/year Average director salary TOP 100 STATISTICS Desperate 4% None 11% Mild 24% Moderate 36% Severe 25% No 19% Yes 81% Non-union 42% Union 58% $14.21/hour

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