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October 2014

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22 S C H O O L B U S F L E E T • O C T O B E R 2 0 1 4 /LoveTheBus @ WeLoveTheBus LEARN THE FACTS TO SUCCEED IN SCHOOL, YOU HAVE TO GET THERE School Buses Allow Students, Regardless of Background or Economic Circumstances, Access to an Education. addressed was the then-recently added school bus specifcations requiring air- operated entrance doors on the buses. Accordingly, the 2006 update also ad- dressed the requirement for manually opening and closing an air-operated service door. When the test updates were add- ed, Florida also issued updated rec- ommended guidelines for administer- ing the test. The updated guidelines included where the examiner should be positioned when administering as- pects of the test and what kind of re- sponses should be fagged by the ex- aminer as problematic. Arizona district adds attendant testing Agility testing for Arizona drivers started in 2005 as a requirement for the Department of Public Safety's Stu- dent Transportation Unit. The test is re- quired every two years or if an employ- ee is returning from medical leave. Jeff Walker, director of transporta- safely lift and drag weighted items in a certain amount of time. What's commonly included? The agility test is intended to mea- sure abilities and reaction times in real- world situations, including both nor- mal and emergency conditions. For all, passing or failing relies on whether or not the task was performed correct- ly and how many times it can be per- formed within a certain time limit: • Ascending and descending bus steps • Alternating between throttle and brake • Depressing and holding brake and clutch • Manually opening and closing entrance door • Right- and left-side controls • Getting from the driver 's seat to the rear exit • Lowering and lifting object from foor-level emergency exit to ground and back (may not be timed; only checked if done safely). • Dragging 125 pounds 30 feet in 30 seconds (weight and time may vary) Some exams test the above items separately, while others may combine tasks. Florida's 2006 update In Florida, drivers are required to successfully pass an established dex- terity test at least every 13 months, usually in conjunction with their physical examinations, which are re- quired at least every 13 months. In 2006, Florida found that it was time to make updates to the test. It was be- coming popular for districts to pur- chase larger capacity and transit-style buses, explains Claudia Claussen, public information offcer with the Florida Department of Education, but the older test didn't take those larger bus specs into consideration. Another new consideration that was AGILITY TESTING

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