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September 2014

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64 S C H O O L B U S F L E E T • S E P T E M B E R 2 0 1 4 product highlights Cleaner wax protects against fading, oxidation Garry's Royal Satin cleaner wax's signature creamy smooth texture and liquid formula allow for easy-on, easy-off application that provides long-lasting protection against fading, chalking, UV exposure and oxidation, company offcials said. The original blend includes a combination of car- nauba wax and cleaners specially formulated to remove light oxidation and provide a long lasting, high gloss, protective surface coating, according to the company. Garry's Royal Satin New mobile surveillance products offer enhanced safety Seon's Trooper TL-HD is a compact, full-featured DVR offering high-defnition re- cording of four analog and one high-defnition camera views at 30 frames per sec- ond simultaneously across all fve channels, company offcials said. Features of the TL-HD include a built-in inertia sensor, which triggers an alarm in dangerous driving conditions. The system is also GPS-ready, enabling it to provide the exact vehicle location and route at the time of video recording. Company off- cials said that the TL-HD's dual streaming feature allows for recording a high-quality version of an event while providing a low-resolution stream necessary for viewing live video over a low-bandwidth cellular network. It is also Wi-Fi-ready for automatic video downloading. Seon's new vMax Commander Ver- sion 5.0 is a web-based version of the company's video management software designed to reduce the time and effort required to locate, download and review video of an on-board incident. The new ver- sion also lets users schedule video to automatically download when the bus returns to the yard, and adjust DVR settings re- motely, all using a web browser. Seon Design Blue Bird Official Merchandise A heritage of looking ahead. 800.999.0001 Get ready for the conversation… Admit you have no idea where the ad budget went.

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