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August 2014

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46 S C H O O L B U S F L E E T • A U G U S T 2 0 1 4 Listen for discussions of violence, too Being attentive to what students are saying can also iden- tify potential cases of bullying, poten- tial criminal activity, gang involvement or other very seri- ous and important matters. Violence tends to happen in signifcant propor- tions on school buses on Wednesdays and, therefore, you might hear violence-related discus- sions on Tuesday or Wednesday. I urge you to really listen to what your students are saying on your bus. Doing so might prevent an active shooter, a case of bullying, drug ad- diction or even your own death. able to identify it, es- pecially if it is a com- mercially produced drug, such as pre- scription or over-the- counter medication. Illegal narcotics are not the only type of drugs that contrib- ute to a drug prob- lem within a school district. It is common for many drug users to abuse prescription and over-the-counter medications. Addi- tionally, alcohol and tobacco abuse should not be ignored. Just because it is legal for adults and tends to be common among teenagers does not make it OK. Every school bus driver should be familiar with Joyce Gregory. She was a school bus driver in Tennes- see, and on March 2, 2005, she was shot and killed because she told a boy he could not chew tobacco on her bus. We know drugs can lead to murders, but did you know that chewing tobacco led to the murder of Joyce? Bret Brooks (standing) is the chief operating offcer for the training and consulting frm Gray Ram Tactical LLC, and the author of Drug Abuse Awareness: The Authoritative Par- ent and Teacher's Guide. He provides training and consulting services to bus companies and schools across North America. He can be reached at industry forum

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