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August 2014

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Changing driver behavior is at the heart of all of American Traff c Solutions (ATS) road safety camera solutions. Whether the problem is speeding, running red lights or rushing past stopped school buses, our products provide law enforcement with additional resources to help improve traff c safety. This is especially true of CrossingGuard®, ATS' school bus stop arm enforcement solution. In fact, more than 99 percent of the drivers who have received a school bus stop arm violation from an ATS camera, have not received a second. CrossingGuard is a completely automated, turnkey system that requires no bus driver involvement. The cameras capture an image of a vehicle's license plate and a brief video clip of the entire violation event. Law enforcement personnel, not bus drivers, review the evidence and other data to determine if a violation should be issued. This allows bus drivers to focus on the road and on the children's safety – not on monitoring the actions of reckless drivers. CrossingGuard is completely funded by violator-paid f nes and does not require upfront f nancial investment from the school district. Prior to CrossingGuard's launch, I'm not sure anyone at ATS had an understanding of the magnitude of the stop arm running problem. But as we have learned, with more than 70,000 motorists illegally passing school buses every day, this inexcusable behavior endangers the lives of children, some of whom are no bigger than the backpacks they carry. And while it's impossible for police to shadow every school bus to ensure drivers stop while children cross the road to and from their bus, CrossingGuard helps give law enforcement, parents, school bus drivers and school district off cials some peace of mind that they have help in the f ght to curb illegal stop arm running. So far CrossingGuard has been very successful. ATS customers have reported stop arm violation decreases by as much as 40 percent since the installation of CrossingGuard cameras on their buses. Please let us know if you're interested in learning more about CrossingGuard and how it can help increase safety for the students in your school district. ADAM TUTON President of State and Local Government Solutions ADVERTISEMENT OUR PRIORITY IS TO KEEP KIDS SAFE

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