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August 2014

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32 S C H O O L B U S F L E E T • A U G U S T 2 0 1 4 800.543.8222 Because Repeatability Matters! • Computerized cutting provides repeatability for the best ft and fnish in the industry. • Large distribution network. • Passenger securement systems. Supplier Council Member 12 USE WEB TO CUT DOWN ON CALLS An effective transportation web- site can boost effciency by getting in- formation to the public while reduc- ing the volume of incoming phone calls and e-mails. That has been the case at Litchfeld Elementary School District #79. The web page for the district's trans- portation department includes such pertinent material as safety data, stu- dent discipline information, bus assign- ments, the student transporter training process and a link to a bus route fnder. "We've found this to be a huge help in reducing the number of questions we receive," Walker says. Walker adds that in previous districts he worked for, he has implemented an Internet-based feld trip request pro- gram, which also lightened the work- load of transportation offce staff mem- bers. The system went like this: teacher enters trip, principal approves it, trans- portation department schedules it. "Having 100 teachers enter their own feld trip requests saves plenty of time over one transportation person enter- ing 100 feld trips," Walker says. The transportation department at Litchfeld Elementary School District #79 has found that providing pertinent info on its web page has reduced the number of incoming questions. 13 GO PAPERLESS School transportation depart- ments generate a lot of paper: personnel fles, route sheets, training documents, Medicaid information, route bids, payroll forms, feld and athletic trips, etc. At Mesa (Ariz.) Pub- lic Schools, the transportation depart- ment has embarked on a mission to go paperless. "It's not a diffcult process, but a very time consuming one," says Ron Latko, who retired as the district's director of transportation at the end of the 2013-14 BOOST EFFICIENCY

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