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July 2014

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45 J U L Y 2 0 1 4 • S C H O O L B U S F L E E T D U R A B L E • R E L I A B L E • T R U S T E D • FROM HOME TO HOMEROOM ON BOARD FOR EVERY TRIP with TIE TECH on board, you can be sure you have durable, high quality safety products you can trust. • Universal Storage Pouch • Evac-Aide • Safe Cut • Fire Blanket • Evacuation Transporter • Steering Wheel Cover • Wheel Chair Lift Belts On board for every trip, Tie Tech leads the industry in combining reliable, easy-to-use safety products with the latest cutting edge technology. Believing strongly in our customer relationships we provide only the very best quality safety products. Visit us online at 877-284-5400 with the mirror folds out. It can be pro- grammed for a 3-second delay after the door is shut. The right-side stop arm with a mir- ror is available in two models: 8350- 11-001 and 8350-21-001. The LEDs in both models conform to SAE-J1133 for vibration, moisture, dust, corrosion, photometry and warping, and a wind guard comes standard with the unit. The unit is designed to withstand wind gusts of up to 40 mph before the breakaway system will become disengaged. To fnd out more about mirror- based products for school buses, visit these companies' websites: Rosco Vision Systems Tiger Mirror Corp. Woodstock Safety Mirror Co. Woodstock Safety Mirror Co. Woodstock Safety Mirror Co. offers several safety products for the school bus market, including the rear right- side stop arm equipped with an acrylic mirror (the 8300 Series). Company founder and President Gloria Buley, who developed Wood- stock's products, says she created a stop arm for the right side of the school bus due to the increasing number of illegal-passing incidents on the right side of the vehicle. "Even though it's a smaller percent- age than on the left, it's still very critical because that's the point where the pas- sengers get on and off the bus," Buley says of the importance of addressing right-side stop-arm violations. As a former school bus driver and current New York state 19A motor ve- hicle examiner and school bus driver instructor, Buley brought her knowl- edge and experience in the feld to the development of Woodstock Safety Mir- ror Co.'s products. "I put the mirror on the back of the stop arm so that I was able to see the danger zone through my west coast [i.e., side] mirror as a reverse image," she explains. "It brings the rear of the bus closer so that I can see if there's a child in the danger zone before I initi- ate the movement of the bus." The unit works in conjunction with a school bus' current red warning lights. When the bus door opens, the stop arm Woodstock Safety Mirror Co. offers a rear right-side stop arm equipped with an acrylic mirror. Company founder and President Gloria Buley says it's designed to bring the back of the bus closer for the driver so he or she can see if there is a child in the danger zone. FOR MORE INFORMATION

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